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CGI and JavaScript consulting

Most of our clients are web designers. We have partnerships with a multitude of designers around the Country. We specialize in JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and MySQL script consulting. We also sell an impressive database for non-programmers named Webdata Pro. The program allows the designer or the client to manage their own database via a web interface. It has been out for 10 years and the client list of thousands includes Fortune 500 companies (ATT, IBM, Lucent Technologies, GM, The Gap) and Government (NASA, State of GA, VA, CIA) and Education (Harvard, Yale, MIT) sites.

Typically a designer will approach us with a Request For Proposal. We provide an estimate and, upon approval, work with the designer via phone, IM, and GotoMeeting (screen viewing over the internet), or work independently depending on the project. On occasion where it is most efficient to ask technical questions directly to the client, the designer would typically be on a conference call at the same time. We are professional and eloquent on the phone and discreet enough to avoid any discussion of contractor relationships. The result is we become part of your web development team, enhancing your deliverables and boosting your company's capabilities.

Webteacher Software's mission is to put the power of advanced web design into your hands. If you need any help along the way, we will be there for you. Our services include:

  • Modifications to Webdata.
  • Custom CGI or JavaScript applications.
  • One-on-one training via telephone.
  • Installation of Webdata or any third party CGI scripts.
  • Debugging an existing JavaScript or CGI application.
  • Rate: $115/hr. Visa/MasterCard/American Express online payment Contact: support@webteacher.com

    Please send as complete a description as you can of your work request, including all relevant URLs. We will send you a quote as soon as we have the necessary information.

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