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FREE INSTALLATION. Just ask, we'll install Webdata onto your server or walk you through it over the phone.

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Who uses Webdata?

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Webdata was one of five finalists in the 1999 Ziff Davis Shareware Awards.


Webdata has been featured as a cool program by Gamelan/Developer.com

"this really is an easy-to-use Web database app for Windows 95/98/NT... And best of all, Internet Magazine you need absolutely no programming experience." Internet Magazine, July,1998

Now.. introducing an easier way.
Webdata is an easy web database software application specifically for the world wide web. It uses your web browser to add, modify, or delete entries into your database. Just run the setup program, and Webdata will connect to your server and install itself. Click here for a screen shot. That's it. No text files to configure or file permissions to worry about. It generates a maintenance page called 'admin.html' from which you can immediately begin adding records. Guests will be able to search by any combination of criteria to suit their needs. If you like, we'll install it for you. Once it is in place, webdata is easy for anyone who uses a mouse.

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