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Webteacher's Webdata is a web database software program which can be easily installed and administrated without requiring any programming skills. All versions of Webdata are rich with features such as image uploading, member passwords, and templates for 100% customizable layouts. Webteacher Software has two types of databases, Webdata Classic and Webdata Pro.

Webdata Classic
Self-installs on any webserver with Perl. A fast, easy way to put a flat-file database on the web.Powerful options to match the look and feel of your web site. Supports members, image/file uploading, and templates.Integrated Shopping Cart available.$199.00 - free 30 day trial.

Webdata Pro
Easy to install. Requires MySQL and the related Perl modules. Simplified relational databasing. GUI options make table joins easy.Fast and robust on very large databases. Member features: detailed contact info, customizable profile fields, specific table-by-table privileges, and group capabilities. Multiple Layouts: Define different search pages, reports, and forms according to your needs.$599.00 - free 30 day trial.

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