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FREE INSTALLATION. Just ask, we'll install Webdata onto your server or walk you through it over the phone.

NEW Features include:

  • Still no programming. You never need to enter one line of SQL. Our intention is to make this version as simple as Webdata 2.x, but with more power.

  • MySQL backend, the speed of this popular database engine is very impressive. We recently searched 1.1Million records comprising over 100MB of data in under 0.48 seconds. (using 2 indexed search fields on our dual-500/256MB Linux server)

  • Easy relationship management. Simply define the related fields in the "relationships" screen, and all of your queries will automatically use the correct join structure.

  • Multiple layouts, a Layout is a collection of a search page, a report, and a form view. This is like having multiple copies of the "customize pages" screen in Webdata 2.x, and being able to choose which one to apply.

  • Member profiles, each member has contact information fields plus 10 customizable fields. The member's information can be included in the templates. Each member can also have distinct permissions regarding adding, searching, and deleting from each table. Member permissions may be grouped together for easy administration.

  • Upgrade from Webdata 2.x. Built-in utility reads the .log files and creates new tables and layouts on-the-fly.

  • Integrated Shopping Cart, with UPS and Fedex rate calculator, and links to 7 popular card processing services and a real-time inventory management feature.

  • Professional interface, the look of the program has a professional design. Your clients will appreciate the credibility of this program based on appearances.

  • Zip Code Distance Finder. Webdata Pro has a free optional utility to search or display distances based on 2 US Zip codes. Ideal for dealer locator pages.

  • Upload Images (or other files) through a web browser. Webdata can create true thumbnails on the fly for faster page rendering.

  • Fulltext searches. This allows you to create page which behaves similarly to a search engine. A word index returns extremely fast results, displaying the best matches first.

  • Embedded queries. You may nest additional queries into the header, body, or footer of your reports.

  • Instant Members. Allow users to create memberships on-the-fly. Very useful for automated classified or pay-for-membership sites. A referrer check allows you to tie this feature to a credit card processing service. Multiple groups of Instant Members are available.

  • 1-step text file importing. Upload any delimited text file through your web browser. Webdata Pro will build the table, define your fields and import the data automatically.

  • Database Backup and restore interface through the web browser.

  • Calculation Tags. Just type $sum[yourfield] in a template to show the sum of a field. Other tags include $avg, $count, $if/else, $format, $days, $dayssince, $yearssince, $data, $escape, $thumbnail, $modify, $delete and more.

TRANSPORTED Features from Webdata 2.x:

User Interface

  • Can be 100% customized using any HTML editor.
  • Works quickly with any web browser. No Java required.
  • Supports complex "AND" and "OR" searches
  • Intelligently searches and sorts text, numbers, or dates.
  • Y2K compliant (years less than 20 are converted).
  • Any search can be linked from anywhere on the web.
  • Users and Members may search and/or add data according to admin's configuration.
  • File uploading. Admin (and users if permitted) can add images or documents to the database through their web browser.
  • Displays text in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, or Portuguese.

Search Results Table and Form View

  • Header, footer, colors, font, columns, and sorting can be customized.
  • Displays query results in compact table with 'Details' button for form view of each record.
  • Limited results per page, with 'Next Page' and 'Previous Page' buttons.
  • Links to go directly to any page for fast navigation.
  • E-mail address automatically convert to mailto: links.
  • URLs automatically convert to hypertext links.
  • Image filenames automatically display the image.

Administration features

  • ALL of the following is done with a Web Browser and a mouse!
  • Add records to database
  • Search database for desired records, click found records to modify or delete them.
  • Modify records on-line.
  • Delete records on-line.
  • Import Data from any comma or tab delimited text file.
  • Export Data to any comma or tab delimited text file.
  • Add, remove, or modify fields.
  • Define fields as text boxes, select lists, checkboxes, upload, or textarea boxes.
  • Admin can define a field type as "upload". A file field with a 'browse' button will appear on each screen used for adding records by admin, user, or members. If the selected file is an image, it will automatically be displayed when the record is searched. If the selected file is anything else, a link to it will appear when the record is searched. Admin can restrict upload file size and types.
  • Create and delete Members, allowing others to maintain only their own data.
  • E-mail notification to admin when new records are added.

Customization options:

  • These options appear on the "Customize Pages" screen.
  • Choose background color, background image, text color, and link color for all user pages
  • Header HTML to place custom text and images on user search page
  • Turn on/off default instruction on user search page.
  • Choose which fields are used for searching, and in what sequence.
  • Can either search from multiple field boxes, for complex searches, or search the entire record from a single search box for a simpler interface.
  • Enter a URL to substitute your own custom search page for total control over the look and feel of your interface.
  • Enter a URL to substitute your own members administration page (where members add/modify/delete their own data).
  • Define required fields.
  • Header and Footer HTML for search results page
  • Option to show or hide table border
  • Set font, face, size, and color.
  • Choose alternating table row colors
  • Choose which fields appear as table columns and in what sequence. Easy to hide certain fields from the user.
  • Multiple level sorting
  • Customize number of results per page.
  • Show/Hide the 'View' button to display each record as a columnar form.
  • Custom label for 'View' button
  • Choose 'European Dates' to search and sort dd/mm/yy instead of mm/dd/yy
  • Choose 'Instant Member' page to allow visitors to create their own usernames and passwords and immediately add to the database, then log-in later to modify or delete their own listings.


  • Instead of the results table, Admin can define a block of HTML code to be displayed once for each found record. Special keys are used to insert data in the desired place.
  • The columnar form displayed when the 'View' button is clicked may also be replaced by a template.
  • Templates are defined in large comment boxes on the administration screen and stored with the other preferences. There are no external files to keep track of.
  • Calculations are possible in the templates using JavaScript's document.write() command.


  • Each member has a unique username and password
  • Members can add data to the database, and modify or delete only items he/she added.
  • Members can import delimited text files through their web browsers.
  • If Admin allows it, visitors can choose their own username and password for instant access to the database, with the ability to modify their entries later.

File Locking.

  • A locking mechanism insures that no 2 users will write to the file at the same time. This makes the database robust for high volume applications.

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