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Webteacher's Webdata FAQ's

Q. What are some common uses for Webdata?

A. Webdata can be used to facilitate the management of any grouping of information, from Classified Advertisements to Inventory Reports. The online database can be used to manage and sort any E-Commerce Inventory database such as Music, Video & Books, Real Estate listings, Job listings, or Auto Sales. On an Intranet, Webdata can track such information as Product Inventory, Sales Reports, Agenda Items or Phone Extensions. On recreational web sites, Webdata organizes Little League Schedules, Trading Cards, Talent Pools, or Fly-Fishing Ties.

Q. Can I customize Webdata to have the same appearance as the rest of my website? Do I need to have any programming knowledge to do this?

A. All of the customization options have been included as preferences on the administration screen. Your choice of colors, fields, field-types, text, and sorting options are stored in a preferences file, which is managed using your web browser. With Webdata, programming knowledge is never necessary.

Q. Will the person who is going to maintain the database need any training or prior experience?

A. Modifying records and fields is extremely simple with Webdata. No training or prior experience is necessary, and easy-to-follow instructions are included on every screen.

Q. I need the search capabilities of Webdata, but I also want a shopping cart and e-commerce system. Can Webdata manage all of these functions?

A. Webdata's custom template boxes make it easy to pass the data from any record to another program. If you have an account with an e-commerce system such as Americart, Easy-Cart or Cybercash, you can easily link Webdata search results to these sites for a powerful search & buy combination.

Q. I will need to update the database constantly. How is this done?

A. Simply upload the new data to the server and click "Import Data" on the administration screen.

Q. From what programs can Webdata import information and databases?

A. You can directly import data from Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, MS Access, Paradox, Quatro Pro, Lotus Approach, or Filemaker Pro into Webdata. Virtually every database and spreadsheet program has the ability to save your data as Comma or Tab Delimited text. Webdata can automatically import this data, convert it to the proper format, and add it to your database.

Q. I need to create a classifieds board in which advertisers can modify or delete their own ads without having access to others' posted advertisements. Can Webdata support this?

A. Yes. The administrator can create separate member accounts. Members can add, modify, and delete their own records, but cannot change anyone else's data.

Q. How can I ensure that people enter only certain keywords into the search fields?

A. You can define a field as a pop-up list. This will improve search accuracy by restricting searches to the values on the list. Other field options include checkboxes, text boxes of varying length, and large text areas for comments.

Q. What are the benefits to registering my copy of Webdata? If I need more than one database, will I have to register again?

A. You have up to 30 days to review your free trial version of Webdata for no obligation. By the end of this trial period, you must register the product or it will automatically shut down. You may have as many databases as you need on a single web site. Web Developers and ISPs must register one copy for each client that uses Webdata.

Q. Is Webdata Y2K compliant?

A. Yes. Dates entered in the mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy format are sorted and searched correctly. All years less than 20 are automatically converted to Y2K. There is also an option on the administration screen to use dd/mm/yy format for European applications.

Q. Can Webdata be translated in foreign languages?

A. Webdata is currently available in English, and has been translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Swedish.

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