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Webteacher Software simplifies web site development for users of all experience levels by providing understandable, affordable software solutions.


Webteacher Software was founded in January, 1997, by Robert Young as a way to provide the non-technical community with the resources to create dynamic and successful web sites. The need for easy-to-use tutorials and applications became most evident to Rob as he was training Fortune 500 companies in all the major software programs and operating systems. Rob found that of the instructional books and software that were available, all were either far too complicated or outrageously priced. Webteacher Software's first published tutorial, JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer, spoke to the non-technical as well as the experienced web developer by explaining each concept clearly through interactive examples. JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer has since been linked from thousands of JavaScript related web sites and is used in High Schools and Colleges worldwide. Kennesaw State University has made this tutorial the sole text for one of its accredited classes. Drawing on the immense popularity of the JavaScript tutorial, Webteacher Software launched its second tutorial, CGI for the Total Non-Programmer, to allow any user to add Common Gateway Interface Scripts (CGI Scripts) to a web site.

Webteacher Software's release of Webteacher's Webdata six months later drew an immediate following within the Internet community. As the first easy database program specifically designed for the Internet, Webteacher's Webdata allows a user of any experience level to manipulate and maintain the database solely with a web browser. Webteacher receives thousands of letters of praise from business owners and webmasters from across the world commending Webteacher's Webdata's application value, customer service, and affordability.

Overview of Products

JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer, Webteacher Software's flagship program, has drawn international attention for its unique, interactive approach to teaching the principals of JavaScript. JavaScript allows the user to enhance the dynamic features of a web page without the need to learn a complicated programming language. Using the concepts from the tutorial, a user with no prior programming experience will be able to add special effects, customize graphics selections, perform calculations, check forms, write interactive games, and create security passwords.

CGI for the Total Non-Programmer uses Webteacher's successful concept of educating through example to teach CGI, the Perl programming language, and the basics of working on a UNIX server. For each topic, the tutorial examines the code in its entirety, then breaks it down line by line, allowing the user to learn the concepts at his own pace. CGI for the Total Non-Programmer quickly gained popularity, for unlike other CGI tutorials, it is the first to explain the interdependent relationship between UNIX, Perl, and CGI in a single tutorial program.

Webteacher's Webdata is the first searchable database of its kind. While other database programs require specific programming knowledge of CGI, SQL, ODBC, and the management of web data, Webteacher's Webdata is administrated entirely with a web browser. Now any online business or web site can manage advanced databases such as product inventory, real estate listings, help wanted ads, or events schedules with just a click of the mouse. Webdata supports record ownership, dynamic field definitions, automatic links, e-mail, image handling and import/export from any other program. Webdata templates allow a user with no programming experience to customize the database to match the look and feel of a web site. Webteacher's Webdata runs on Windows 95/98/NT or UNIX.

Market Focus

Webteacher Software has developed its products with two specific groups in mind: the inexperienced user and the web designer. Online businesses are able to create a more dynamic and interactive site with the aid of the tutorial programs, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a programmer. E-commerce companies are increasing sale potential by using Webteacher's Webdata to organize their products into a professional, easily accessible format for customers. Webteacher Software brings the power of these applications in-house, and greatly reduces web site development costs.

Webteacher's Webdata has found a niche with web designers as an economical tool for developing professional, interactive sites for their clients. In addition, Webmasters from thousands of JavaScript and CGI-related sites are recognizing Webteacher's tutorial programs for their "beginner friendly" applications.

Contact Information

Media Contacts
Webteacher Software
Robert Young
Webteacher Software
700 N Valley St Suite B #78467
Anaheim, CA 92801
(949) 345-1653

Customer Testimonials

"I personally research and review lots of new innovative products. When I read the description of Webdata features, user friendliness and easy of installation on both Window and Linux platforms, I was skeptical, but the claims are true. The installation was slick and easy. The product is loaded with features. The real treat is when I involve others with the product, and I see the twinkle in their eye on what the product can do and how easy it is to use. As far as technical support, the only call I had to make was answered and resolved within 10 minutes."

Roger Smith

Systems Information Manager


"AT&T Solutions has chosen to utilize "Webdata" as its back-end database engine. The program is built by Webteacher Software, a promising startup company in California's Silicon Valley. The "Technology Service Request" website at AT&T tracks and provides real time status checking to an approved user list. AT&T is able to provide its clients with status, current location, shipping data and procurement information that is not easily tracked by call centers or via simple e-mail. Changes to the procurement database are made quickly by the web developer. No SQL code or complex files are required."

Christopher Skinner

Web Applications Developer


"Just got to tell you that Webdata is a Godsend! You have certainly made my life much easier. Thanks for all of your hard work and making it available."

Janice Rizzo


Lucent Technology

"Webdata was extremely easy to set up and begin using; its configuration pages are intuitive and well-designed. Webdata saved us considerable time and headaches by providing an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that met our needs and provided additional functionality that we hadn’t even expected (e.g., the ability to upload files and link them to individual database entries). Furthermore, Webteacher’s support has always been quick and helpful."

Michael Boyer O’Leary

MIT Sloan School of Management

Organization Studies Program

"I bought Webdata for our server in GM. I love it.

"I went to Detroit for a Webteam committee meeting, and I showed them Webdata along with a few other handy scripts in action. They were impressed. Head of Socrates (GM's intranet system) crossed the room and asked for information on your program"

Debra Wylie

Webmaster, World Wide Facilities Intranet

General Motors




"Once I found Webdata, I knew I had found what I required for the following reasons: price, ease of use for my site visitors, features, and the ability to run on Unix (my ISP does not have Windows NT). It’s also easy to set up because it doesn’t require an ASP. Customization and Admin options are easy and quick, and I especially like the ability to use it with e-commerce."

Michael Finberg, HOTel & CATering Solutions

"We have been using your product for almost a year now and I could not be more pleased. Your tech support in the beginning was super, and I have had nothing but rave reviews from my visitors. I would dare say we are the best on the Net partly because we use Webdata. We receive positive feedback for many reasons on our site, but one overtone is the ease in which a visitor can search our inventory. Our niche collectors are able to check our site everyday in just the area they are interested in, and a new visitor has no trouble getting around. Webdata has been a great help for our visitors and our company. "

Eric Engh, CEO, Oldwatch.com

"I tried a lot of different products ….I was sure there was a solution out there that would fit the needs of someone in my position. I needed a database script, which would be quick to install, robust, (not require a degree in scripting!), provide for customer updating of records via password and run on UNIX or NT servers. Webdata had all that and more. I'll be recommending it to other professionals without hesitation."

Mike Brady, Creative Intermedia

"I looked at many different products, but selected Webdata due to the robust, yet easy development environment. The template entry and tech support have worked out phenomenally, and I look forward to future releases."

Sam Sears, Internet Consultant

"If a customer wants a website account and has a small site (a "brochure" website), but they would like to have a small searchable database, there's no way they can justify high monthly add-on fees or the development and management costs/issues with a product like Cold Fusion and the like. Enabling a new (novice) user to setup their own database frees up me/my staff, thus keeping prices and overhead lower. It all comes down to well written, and correctly priced, software."

Steve Karr, Online World

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